Things of My Very Own, Inc. (TOMVO) is a non-profit organization that provides crisis intervention services to children who have been impacted by extensive abuse and/or neglect. We also provide services to children at-risk of a Child Protective Services intervention solely due to not having items necessary for sustainability. The organization works to keep children with their non-abusive family members and out of the foster care system whenever possible. 

The transition out of an abusive situation is often sudden and unexpected. Rarely is a child able to return home to retrieve belongings prior to the move. TOMVO recognizes the need for children to have everything they need from the first moment on, and our goal is to provide children with Things of Their Very Own, even when they are in an unfamiliar setting.

Transitional Assistance is available on a referral basis within four hours of contact. Packages vary by age, but generally include the following:

 • Clothing  • Toys  • School Supplies
 • Toiletries  • Books  • Basic Necessities    

In addition to Transitional Assistance, TOMVO Programs reintroduce children to fundamental life skills needed to develop into stable, confident individuals with healthy levels of self-confidence, and self-esteem. An emphasis is placed on building and maintaining healthy relationships as well as reducing the possibility of future victimization.

Our organization strives to expose each child to enriching activities that identify individual talents and enhance development, thereby broadening opportunities. We coordinate with numerous experts throughout the community to assist us in achieving these goals. Program opportunities are available to children of all ages and capabilities. Some examples of the programs we offer are listed below.

• Structured play environments with expressive components for young children
• Team Building Classes and Exercises
• Literacy Encouragement Programs

To learn more, contact us today at (518) 630-5143 or e-mail Monetary donations are also welcome and a critical need to provide assistance to those in need.

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Help Us Get Brand New Mattresses for Children in Crisis

Collected: $2,645.00
Goal: $7,000.00
When a child leaves an abusive situation the transition is often sudden and unexpected. It is not uncommon for children to leave an abusive situation wearing nothing more than a sheet. The trauma that can come from being removed from your family while nearly nude and then then placed in the care of strangers has been described by many, as being more traumatizing than the abuse itself. Legally a child must have a bed of their own in order to remain with their non-abusive family members. We are 100% out of mattresses. We have the ability to purchase 126 brand new Tempur-Pedic Mattresses for $7,000. The mattresses are bed bug resistant and hypoallergenic. Your donation will help children in crisis remain with their non-abusive family members and out of the foster care system whenever possible.

Find out who TOMVO is and how we help! 

We Need Your Help!

Your $10 Donation pays for One Weeks worth of Diapers and Baby Wipes for one child.

Your $25 Donation pays for One Week worth of Diapers, Wipes, and Formula for one child.

Your $50 Donation pays for a Coat, Socks, Undergarments, and Clothing for a child in need.

Your $100 Donation pays for a Mattress, Bedding, and a Stuffed Animal for a child in crisis.

We are happy to accept donations of any size!

The Founders Story

Rayn Boncie, Founder, Things of My Very Own.
Hear Rayn tell her inspiring story about how TOMVO began and what the future holds. Watch her story and see how one person really can make a difference!

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